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Now in its fifth edition of print, Toots - Woman in a Man's World continues to engage readers with its inspiring story. This Australian biography of a North Qld female truck driver brings back memories of a time when you literally had to make your own road. A time with no mobile phones, no computers or sophisticated trucks - just Australian spirit and lots of hard work.

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Courier Mail

Toots, Woman in a Man's world received a great column in the Courier Mail over the weekend. Click the image to read the full article.

 'Long term plan is to bring 'The Old Girl' home. 

Winton Diamantina Trucking Museum is currently caring for Toots' Old Girl but the long term plan is to bring her home.  Mareeba Heritage Museum is very interested in displaying Toots' truck but do not have a shed or the money to build a shed at this point in time.  
If you would like to donate towards helping to bring Toots truck 'Old Girl' back to Mareeba, please contact us.

Excerpt from 'Toots'

Pioneers had to be tough to survive and it was toughness, common sense and her willingness to get her hands dirty that gave Toots her reputation.

Everybody who met her never forgot the buxom, tough, bare foot lady in the skirt and tank top, or boob tube as it was commonly called. Traveling the dusty, outback roads of Cape York Peninsula in North Queensland, Toots may have pulled them out of a bog or fixed their vehicle when they broke down miles from anywhere.

They may have found her underneath her truck changing a clutch plate or furiously digging herself out of a bog or just sitting beside the road doing a cross word waiting for parts or her mechanic to arrive and fix the truck. This pioneering spirit eventually brought her to the attention of the media

This hard working mother of eight, who drove trucks for a living, became a legend across Australia inspiring people to come and explore for themselves one of Australia’s last frontiers, Cape York Peninsula.

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